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frodolyns_art's Journal

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Icons are my crack
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This is where I, Frodolyn, will post my art of all types: icons, doodles, paintings, all that fun and imaginative stuff that falls out of a hole in my brain and has nowhere else to go. Most fandom art will focus on the following firefly, but there may be an up and coming foray into Tolkien territory.

I'd really love if you: Comment comment comment! Constructive is best, but hey if you want to say "you rock!" or "i bow in your general direction because I've been hit by a rock and cant see exactly where you are" - thats fine too. I assure you. However, "you suck" is not so fine and makes me sulk. Which is all I can really do.

Please don't claim my work as your own. Do you really want false praise? (Or false..."you suck"'s?)

Make sure to check out my "friend-of-many-fandom"'s art journal; patchwork_icons.
Don't miss my vidding journal (which the aforementioned friend thinks is redundant because I already have an art journal): theframechange.
And if you like science fiction, or fantasy, and if you like fan vids, check out sff_vidding. I co mod it, and I created it. We have bi montly contests, and montly mods choice awards, so be sure to get all of your vids in!
wenham_lims: a lims com for David Wenham!!!
des_icons: a Desmond David Hume/ Henry Ian Cusick weekly icon contest

Hall of Icon fame!

resources are in the profile at 'frodolyn'
Stylesheet by refuted

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